Study in Germany

Germany’s education system is world renowned. First things, university education in Germany is 100% free. There are very few universities in Germany which charge fees. The education here is more based on practical learning and real life experiences. A lot of emphasis is given to research as part of education.

Germany is as such known as the automobile hub. The most advanced innovative cards and bikes are produced in this part of the world. Germany is also famous for other sectors like banking, manufacturing industries among others.

Germany is one of the most sought after destinations to migrate right after USA. The country is well maintained and connected with their most advanced local railway systems along with well-defined road traffic. It is one of the super powers that is part of the European Union.

Germany has so far maintained its required forest area well while also ensuring the wild life is well protected. Weather is Germany is quite awesome and welcoming all through the year.


  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne
  • Frankfurt
  • Dresden

Why study in Germany?

  • Best place to learn automobile engineering.
  • Free education in most universities
  • The programs and degrees from German universities have international standing
  • The quality of education in those universites are top class
  • The transportation facilites here both local and international are world class
  • The local service and amenities are one of its kind in Germany
  • Education in Germany mostly focuses on research and practical application of the learning
  • Life in Germany is pleasant and risk free
  • It is part of the European Union and thus the job market is quite vibrant for students studying in Germany.
  • The sub-urban Germany is beautiful and one of its sorts to explore.
  • Germany is rich in heritage and culture. The country has a minimum of one palace in every province along with Zoo.
  • The country in itself is a testimony of how internal strength can rebuild which was once in tatters post world-war II.
  • Germany’s TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) regulates the education system in Germany ensuring quality and contemporary education is provided to the students.


  • Most universities have dorms and rooms within the university
  • Students can choose to live outside in rented apartments or individual homes
  • Enough information would be provided based on the needs of the students at the student help desk

Why to study maths and computer science in Germany?

1. Study in Germany – the digital country

Germany is a country which has fully embraced digitisation, thus increasing the demand for IT and Computer Science experts of all specialisations. Out of all EU countries, Germany is one of the most developed when it comes to business digitization, people’s digital skills, and digital public services.

  1. Get a job at a tech company in Germany or abroad in no time

Germany is an excellent place to work as a computer engineer, as its companies invest heavily in development and research, maintaining the country’s results as the biggest economy in Europe and the third in the world. It has lots of start-ups and medium-sized tech companies, alongside large multinational corporations which organise subsidiaries throughout Europe and the world.



Why to study Business management in Germany

Known for excellent higher education and a highly developed economy, Germany is quite the attractive study abroad destination for many students worldwide. Now, studying management in Germany comes with many advantages and might just be the best choice for any student from the field of business.

1. German economy
You’ll be enjoying the advantage of studying management in a country with the strongest economy in Europe, accounting for 28% of the euro area economy.

2. R&D investment
Germany is a regional leader in R&D investment. The public and private sectors have made a commitment to spend around 3% of the national GDP, per year, on R&D activity. That’s approximately EUR 70 billion each year.

Why to study Humanities in Germany?

To excel in the field of the humanities, you should have a great passion for reading, writing, and discussion. It is the field of study that requires students to do a great deal of the three of them. Being a humanities major means you will get numerous skills, the likes of critical thinking and communication, and if you have an interest in art, literature, or languages, you will likely be able to succeed in any study programme related to the humanities.

German higher education excels in many fields of study, and this also includes the humanities, the field that teaches you empathy, skills in writing and critical thinking, and shows you how to make intellectual and spiritual sense of our reality. Enrolling in a humanities degree programme in Germany will be an experience on its own. You get to study intricate subjects and live in a cultural country that has offered the world so much of its art today.

Humanities Information

German universities offer numerous degree programmes in the field of humanities, specifically around 6,000 programmes to choose from. To pursue a bachelor’s degree in the humanities, you have the option of studying a single subject or a combination of numerous subjects (or just two). Both choices are beneficial and rewarding because in both of them you get to study subjects in-depth. In the dual-subject bachelor, you also get to choose an additional minor or a second major from another area of the humanities.

Why to study Engineering in Germany?

1. German universities charge low tuition fees or none at all

Most universities, colleges, and Engineering schools in Germany (especially the public universities) charge low or even no tuition fees to all international students worldwide! That’s right, you can study for free in Germany. The only fees charged by German universities are administrative fees of around 100 – 200 EUR/year, which are meant to cover student services, costs such as bus tickets to the university, or the student cafeterias.

2. English-taught Masters in German Engineering schools

Germany is one of the top destinations on the list of non-English speaking countries with a large popularity among international students. This is due to the fact that most Engineering schools in Germany offer Master’s programmes in English specifically dedicated to foreign students.

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